Scholarships In Canada For International Students

By | August 3, 2022

Whatever your reason for pursuing a degree in Canada, you need to know that there are scholarships available just for overseas students. While you’re in school, these scholarships might help with housing costs, tuition payments, and other expenses.

This article was written to show you the various scholarships in Canada for international students. The scholarships listed here are not all-inclusive, but they do serve as a useful place for international students to begin their exploration of Canadian scholarship opportunities.

International Student Scholarships in Canada

1. University of Victoria International Scholarships

International undergraduate students can apply for a number of scholarships and awards from the University of Victoria. The General Entrance Scholarship, which UVIC awards to numerous students to the tune of $3.5 million, is the most popular of the various categories of scholarships available to overseas students at the university. These prizes have an annual value of between $3,000 and $10,000.

2. University of Regina International Entrance Scholarship

International students are given scholarships each year by the University of Regina International. The University of Regina has provided international undergraduate full-time students from all around the world with international entrance scholarships for a number of academic years. Each of these awards is valued at around $200,000 in total. The scholarship can be applied to living costs and tuition.

3. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

These scholarships are given to outstanding doctoral students who have the best cumulative GPAs in their undergraduate and master’s degrees in order to encourage their desire to continue their education in Canada. The scholarships have a value of $50,000 for the two- to three-year study duration.

4. University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship

The University of Calgary’s Overseas Entrance Scholarship program offers international students $15,000 in financial aid to help with the cost of tuition, room & board, and textbooks. Candidates who express a strong desire to pursue their education in Canada and who are prepared to submit their application by early March of the academic year in which they plan to enroll are eligible for the award.

5. University of British Columbia Mainstream Scholarship Program

Successful applicants with good academic records are given a total scholarship and reward sum worth $5,000 by the University of British Columbia Mainstream Scholarship Program. Upon acceptance into the institution, this scholarship is available for a one-year study program in any faculty.

How To Apply For Canadian International Student Scholarships

Scholarship application processes vary depending on the university you are applying to. Additionally, some scholarships may not require a formal application. You should visit each university’s website to learn more about their scholarship application procedures, deadlines, and contact information before submitting an application.

You might be required to send documentation and test results as part of the application process to demonstrate your qualifications. Planning your application in advance is crucial because the scholarship application process can take anywhere from a few months to almost a year.

There are many scholarships available to overseas students at some universities, however, not all scholarships are the same for every student. Based on their own unique career ambitions, international applicants should explore which colleges offer the greatest programs for their academic interests.

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