Eastern University Scholarships In USA For International Students

By | August 3, 2022

Located in Saint Davids, Pennsylvania, Eastern University is a private, coed, international university. There are thousands of students enrolled at this great institution. Eastern University was originally known as the Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary before changing its name. It was forced to close for a while due to financial issues before reopening in 1900 as a co-educational institution.

Eastern University Scholarships In The USA For International Students

For international students seeking a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree at Eastern University, there are a number of scholarship opportunities available. Students from any country can apply provided the requirements are met.

Eastern University is recognized as one of the best private institutions in the US. It provides a range of scholarships to its students, although a very small proportion of those who qualify will actually be chosen. Scholarships emphasize leadership, service, and academic performance. Specific financial aid requirements are offered to scholarship candidates in order to fulfill their offer.

One of the few private universities in the United States, Eastern University awards more than $21 million in scholarships to students each year. Each scholarship has certain requirements for citizenship, academic standing, and other eligibility factors.

The following is a list of the undergraduate international scholarship programs that Eastern University provides:

1. Eagle Scholarship

The Eagle Scholarship is a highly selective scholarship program that Eastern University offers to undergraduate international students. It is available to all international students who aren’t American citizens. Academic excellence, aptitude for leadership, and extracurricular involvement are taken into consideration when awarding the Eagle Scholarship. Over the course of their four years of study at the university, international students will get a scholarship of $21,000.00.

2. Trustee Scholarship

Undergraduate students who are admitted to Eastern University as non-citizens of the United States are eligible for the Trustee Scholarship. International students will get $18,000 in scholarships, which will be given out in accordance with their academic performance, potential for leadership, and extracurricular involvement.

3. Presidential Scholarship

Students planning to enroll at Eastern University for the first time for up to four years of study are eligible for the presidential scholarship. For tuition, lodging, and board during the program’s four years, the institution awards international students with scholarships in the sum of $15,000.00.

The selection of qualified students is based on their great academic records, critical thinking skills, ability for leadership and community engagement, and active engagement in service to the institution, the country, and the world.

4. Provost Scholarship

The Provost Scholarship is given to international students with a strong high school GPA, proven leadership potential, and extracurricular involvement required for leadership roles in the community service. When an eligible overseas student is admitted to Eastern University’s undergraduate program as a non-citizen of the United States, they are typically given the award. A $13,000 scholarship will be awarded.

5. Cornerstone Award

Students who have distinguished academic achievements, productive participation in university decision-making, considerable community contribution to the university, and who exhibit leadership potential are given the Cornerstone scholarship.

All freshmen, sophomores, and juniors accepted to Eastern University in Pennsylvania are eligible for the Cornerstone Award. International students will get an award of $11,000 per year for the duration of their undergraduate studies at the institution.

Please take note that Eastern University does not provide full-tuition scholarships, and because international students are not U.S. citizens, they are not eligible for federal financial help.


These are the scholarships that Eastern University provides to students from abroad. They are competitive and offer a scholarship with a very large sum of money for each year of study. In a single year, the university awards more than $21 million in scholarships to students.

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