Dubai Residency – How To Get Dubai Residence Visa

By | August 3, 2022

Residency in Dubai is a very attractive choice for those who want to live the life of luxury. The city has established itself as a tourism hub. It has so far become one of the most expensive places to visit. Dubai is one of the seven emirates that constitute the UAE, and among its other attributes, it is known for its luxurious lifestyle.

Just like other emirates of the country, Dubai is home to several people who are working and living in the city. Among them are ex-pats who came there to work. These people had to make a choice between obtaining residence and their working options. This article will provide you with information that will help you choose between working or residing in Dubai. You will also learn the steps that you need to follow whenever you want to obtain residence in Dubai.

Types of Dubai Residency Visa

  1. Residency Visa for employment

If you want to work in Dubai and live there, then you will need a residency visa. This type of visa is issued to foreign workers who are looking for an employment opportunity in the city. 

You will be required to provide documents that will prove the existence of a valid employment contract. This visa is not extended to family members of the employee who is applying for it. They can only take advantage of visiting (tourism) visas.

  1. Residency Visa for real estate /investment

Another type of residence visa that is granted to foreign expats and investors in Dubai is called a real estate/ investment visa. The residence visa you will require will depend on the purpose of your visit. In case you want to invest in real estate, then you will be required to show evidence that you have acquired funds for this purpose. If you are looking for residency in Dubai just to invest, then purchasing an apartment, villa or house is sufficient to obtain a residency visa.

  1. Residency Visa for family members

If you are the husband, wife or son of an Emirati national, then you can apply for a residency visa to support your family. If you are marrying a UAE national, you can get a residence visa by offering proof that you have a valid marriage certificate. In case you have children, they must be listed in your passport; otherwise, they will not be allowed to join you in Dubai.

  1. Residency Visa by Company Registration

A Residency visa can also be issued to foreign workers who are looking for work opportunities in Dubai. You can also request a residence permit in Dubai if you are interested in working as an entrepreneur. If you buy a business or start your own, then you will require a residency visa.

You will be required to register your company in Dubai, which will entail the payment of fees. You will be issued with a letter that will serve as proof that you are established in the country. This letter will be essential if you apply for a residency visa in Dubai

Documents Required When Applying for Dubai Residency Visa

– Valid Passport: You are required to submit your passport. You must have at least a one-year validity period and it must be valid for travel. Your passport is your proof of identity; therefore, you need to ensure that all the details that appear on it are correct.

– Birth Certificate: You are required to submit your birth certificate; this is a document that will serve as proof of your nationality. It will also have all the details you need to know about the place where you were born.

– Marriage Certificate: If you are married, you will be required to show the marriage certificate. Your relationship status is important when applying for a residence visa in Dubai.

– Confirmation Letter: If you are going for employment, you will be required to show a confirmation letter from your employer. This means that you have a valid work permit and an employment contract in Dubai. 

– Medical Examination Report: In case you are going to live in Dubai as an expat, a visit to the medical center is mandatory. This report will serve as proof that you are healthy enough to move and live there.


  1. Can an expat bring his/ her family to live in Dubai?

Yes, an expat can bring his/ her family to Dubai. However, there are certain conditions that will apply to the visa of the expat’s family members while they are in Dubai. For example, they will not be permitted to work there. This means that they have come just for a visit or a vacation, and not for employment purposes.

  1. How long is a UAE residency visa valid for?

A residency visa in Dubai can be obtained for months or years. The validity period will depend on what you are applying for. The confirming document that you have provided dictates the validity period of the visa. For example, the real estate investment visa usually comes with two years of validity.

  1. How long will it take to get a Dubai Residency Visa?

The time that it takes you to get a residency in Dubai depends on the type of visa you are applying for. You can obtain a residency permit within a few days if you have a valid employment contract. However, it will take you six months if you are looking to invest in real estate and get a residency visa in Dubai.

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